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How to reverse a packing slip updated sales order?

Accounts receivablePosted by Microsoft Dynamics AX question 2007-10-08 19:16


Is there any possibility to reverse a packing slip updated sales order?



Yes, this can be done using 'Deliver now' field on the sales order line, Quantity tab page.

You need to specify a negative quantity value in the 'Deliver now' field and then post the packing slip for the sales order again (remember to set the Quantity parameter to 'Deliver now' on the posting packing slip dialog). This will revert the sales order's inventory transactions with status 'Deducted' to the status 'On order'.

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Figure 1. 'Delivery now' field on the sales order line

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Figure 2. 'Quantity' parameter in the posting packing slip dialog.

The same functionality exists for purchase orders, but the field where the negative quantity is to be specified in order to revert a packing slip updated purchase order is called 'Receive now'.

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Posted by Maurice 2010-10-15 02:13

The reversal cannot be linked to a specific posted packing slip. This method does not work with transfer orders which is big oversight by Microsoft.

Posted by Takao 2010-03-17 02:33

Yes, that method works but its on a FIFO. The packing slip that is reversed is the FIRST packing slip that it encountered when posting invoices (via select packing slips). Is there anyway that we can select what packing slip to reverse?

Posted by EAB 2010-01-07 06:31

yes this wokrs, but do I relate a packing slip reversal against a previously posted packing slip number? If there are 3 posted packing slips and only one needs to be corrected, how do I relate the reversal to the specific packing slip....